Nice to meet: Martin Kelly

Once a month we fire some questions at one of our colleagues to get to know each other better. We kick off with Martin Kelly, our partner in Melbourne, Australia. He bought into the Minicards family back in 2012. Now he has a staff of ten people, full and part time.

Martin Kelly

‘Students are a perfect target audience’

Martin Kelly - Minicards Australia

What should your Minicards colleagues know about you?

“I’m married with three children and always lived in Melbourne. I love playing and watching all sports: football, Aussie Rules Football, golf and skiing. Where I live we ski on snow in the winter and on water in the summer, I like doing both.”  

You’re running Minicards for seven years now. What inspired you to start back then?

“Our core business is brochure distribution (maps, guides, attractions). There was a person that had started Minicards here in Melbourne. We were competing for the same budgets, so I took the opportunity when it presented itself to buy the Minicards Melbourne business. Minicards and brochures compliment each other well, as the brochure provides the information and the Minicard provides the offer. Having both options makes us more important to our client base.”

What obstacles have you encountered?

“The Minicards work brilliantly for lots of customers but not so well for others, especially small operations. An obstacle are competitive client budgets and the desire to allocate more and more budget to digital. It has been trial and error to understand where it works best, but we know now.”

Why do you think Minicards is a powerful product?

“It throws up some spectacular results and we have many devoted clients. It’s physical presence operates like a mini billboard. Sometimes tourists need to see an attraction several times before they engage and Minicards offers this. The system is simple, in that the style guide provides the framework, so the stand always looks attractive to the visitor.”

And what are the challenges for your country?

“Of course there is the competitive nature of business. Also there are the advancements in technology in Australia. There is plenty of new tech business coming online for us to compete with. The good news is: Minicards is holding its own. The one thing that people are requiring more and more is data, which we can’t provide. However, it would be something to look at in the future.”

What big lesson about the Minicards business do you want to share? 

“We are doing well with displays in international students accommodation. They are a good target market for Minicards. We have made it an objective to grow our stand network in this space.”

If you could go back and do it all over again, what would you like to have known in advance?

“Win lotto three times! No seriously, there isn’t anything that springs to mind. Grow the display base and grow the customer base: I know that you just have to make time to keep at it. It all starts with a plan.”

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