The Big Five of Péter Sipos

Péter Sipos is one of the first license holders and part of the Minicards network for many years. So it’s about time to ask Peter about his Big Five. What’s his biggest milestone and what’s food for thought for the future? Five small questions, five big(ger) answers.


Who: Péter Sipos What: Minicards Budapest 🇭🇺 Part of the Minicards network since: 2003 Number of employees: two Exploits also: Minicards Deskmaps and Minicards Discount Booklet

1.  What’s your biggest milestone or achievement?
“I’m doing this since 2003. I started Minicards with my brother and now I’m running it by myself. In the beginning there were a lot of competitors and we beat them. And sure, now there are new ones, but we are still standing. And we keep it going by launching new products such as the desk maps, with a circulation of half a million copies. That makes me proud. And also to have such loyal customers: over 60% of our customers have been advertising for more than five years, eight of them since the launch in 2003 and nine for more than ten years.”

2.  What big lesson about the Minicards business do you want to teach your Minicards colleagues?
“Always find a solution for the problems or competitors on your path and never give up. In that way my biggest insight is that investing always pays off. For example, I’m not afraid to let customers advertise a test period for free before definitively getting them in and make them into loyal customers. However, a well-chosen customer is important: where you see a good chance of success it’s worth the offer.”

3.    What’s your biggest challenge right now?
“I experience that more and more hotels in Budapest prefer clean lobbies, so without leaflets or displays. For those hotels we have developed a new product: the Minicards Discount Booklet. A booklet with Minicards that hotels can keep behind the counter and hand out to guests. As a hotel, it is a good way to offer information and the benefits and discounts of Minicards without having to place a display.”


the Minicards Discount Booklet

4.  What’s big on your to do-list for next year?
“We also distribute the discount booklets on sight seeing buses, tapping into a new segment of locations to dispense Minicards. Next year I want to focus even more on the Minicards Discount Booklet and really expand this product, finding more and more new high quality hotels, where we can be present with Minicards this way. ”

 5.    And what’s big food for thought for the future?
“I’m exploring how we can connect the offline Minicards business with online marketingtools. Tourists always want to have something tangible in their hands, that’s why Minicards is a strong product. But the younger generation orientates itself also online. Regarding Minicards, I believe that online and offline advertising – such as our cards and maps - can reinforce each other by offering customers a wider package. I also want to expand our online identity so that we can reach and target even more tourists and local people. So in that case there’s a lot of interesting food for thought.”    

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Patricia van den Broek