Customer survey digital screens: "We now have more interaction with our hotel guests"

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Since January our digital screens have been in Amsterdam hotels, with up-to-date information about events, attractions and restaurants. Time to investigate what hotel guests, advertisers and hoteliers think of our new product. We are happy to share a few results, so read on.

In the world of marketing, everything revolves around the perfect marketing mix. Another buzzword that attracts many brands and companies. Nothing wrong with that, but in the core it’s all about: how are you in the right place at the right time as an advertiser and which communication resources do you use?

Growing network
Our digital screens in hotels are a nice addition to that marketing mix. Besides print, such as Minicards or our desk maps, we now have an online channel to reach and inform tourists in hotels. And above all: to make actual campaigns real fast. We are proud of the fact that our network of digital screens is growing. We are in 120 hotels now. That’s good for 1.4 million views per month. In that way we inform thousands of guests with information about events, museums, attractions and restaurants.

For us this was a good moment to investigate what our hotel guests and travelers think of our digital screens. We put a hundred respondents to the test. No worries, we will not tire you with all the numbers. But we do enjoy to share a few outcomes ad insights. Because what we do apparently works. And that's nice.

New information
What we noticed is that the digital screens prove to be a valuable addition to all the tourist information that can be found on the internet. 73% of the number of hotel guests who view our campaigns on the screens receive new information and input. And 70% actively does something with it and makes plans based on our campaigns. The information on the screens also has an inspiring effect and increases the interest in attractions or events, says 70%.

  • 57% is positive about the look and feel
  • 70% believes that the messages on the digital screens contain sufficient information
  • 79% thanks to the digital screens are clearly pointed out what there is to do in Amsterdam
  • 70% actively does something with the information and makes plans based on what they see
  • 73% receives new information and input via the screens

And in the category worth mentioning, but not very surprising: hotel guests want information about the most popular sights (48%), restaurants (26.5%) and museums (25.5%). This is followed by going out, events and shopping. And where do they want more information about? A large majority says events.

Moving images have more impact, so the information really stands out

Video’s and moving images
The screens also prove to be an added value for hoteliers and advertisers. Take Joram van Kesteren, hotel manager at Easy Hotel in Amsterdam. The digital screens from Aladdin are a perfect channel to provide guests with actual information, he claims. And: "Moving images have more impact, so the information really stands out."
Rianne Kaminski is the room division manager of Avenue Hotel and experiences more interaction with her guests. “They are often waiting in the lobby and then you see them looking at the screen. Then the come to the reception to ask for extra information about something they have seen. In this way we’re able to help our guests better and point out more specifically what they can do in the city. ”

Agenda function
Kimberly Mai, Hard Rock Café sales and marketing manager adds: “We run many temporary campaigns on the screens. Recently we advertised with a Metallica event. We immediately noticed that this way of advertising works. Many guests asked about the event and referred to the screens."
Owner Amsterdam Visitor Marketing Rick Blom:" These kind of campaigns are a valuable addition to the hotel lobby. Because of the agenda function we can continuously and quickly respond to everything that’s going on in the city. That’s great, because our mission is helping tourists to get the most out of their visit. ”

Advertise on our digital screens? We are happy to give you more information, see feel free to contact us at Amsterdam Visitor Marketing.


Patricia van den Broek